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Data Collection Tool: eSTEPS

eSTEPS was designed by WHO to support the data collection process of STEPS Adult Risk Factor Surveillance studies. In essence, eSTEPS is a suite of softwares that allows a synchronized preparation and implementation of data collection using Personal Digital Assistants (PDA).

The benefit of using eSTEPS for your risk factor study

As a PDA-based data collection tool, eSTEPS provides the following benefits:

  • immediate error-checking during data collection,
  • fewer material to be carried by data collectors,
  • no data entry needed.


The eSTEPS Installation Guide and User Manual are provided on the next page. Prior to begin the installation process, please go over the Installation Guide. The eSTEPS Installation Guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to install eSTEPS and all the required supporting software.

Note: eSTEPS is only available for Windows Mobile operating system. It will not work on the Palm operation system. Please review the minimum hardware requirements needed to run eSTEPS on your PDA.

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