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This Country-level approach to surveillance of Chronic Non Communicable Diseases (CNCDs) uses a step-wise method through the reporting of minimum, optimum, and optional data sets. The PAHO Inter-programmatic CNCD surveillance working group developed it during the period of March 2007 to June 2008. The scope of the work is based on WHO’s principles for risk factor surveillance and PAHO’s Core Health Data Initiative.


The data set combines multiple data sources in one functional annual reporting system as a foundation for CNCD surveillance. The data set is a contribution to remedy the fragmentation of traditional country surveillance systems where each program or sector follows its own data and indicators, lacking the its integration and ignoring context and other sectors'  information. It should also facilitate further analysis on a national, sub Regional, and Regional level and the generation of more complex indicators for CNCDs.


The Reporting Form is  made of five sections which collect information on mortality and morbidity rates, risk factors, existing preventive services, and overarching sociodemographic data relevant to CNCDs. Additional resources like the technical specifications, have been developed to guide and walk the respondent through the Reporting Form. Please browse through the downloads for more resources.

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Has the following documents:

  • Reporting form and its technical specifications, &
  • The calculation workbook for the age standardized mortality rates and its summary sheet

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