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Communication plays an integral role in the preparation, prevention, response, and recovery during an emergency or health crisis. The Pan American Health Organization works with all the countries in the Region to create communication strategies that can be implemented intersectorally, highlighting the need for reporting, educating, communicating, and advocating.

Effective communication clarifies misconceptions allowing people to make decisions based on complete and accurate information. It also minimizes the resentment of those who feel excluded from health policies, helps to maintain the health standards or change the status quo, and thereby save lives. We hope that the information highlighted in our website helps make communication a part of your work.

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Risk Communication News/Noticias Comunicación de Riesgos

PAHO launches self-learning course on risk communication strategies

The Pan American Health Organization launched a new online self-study course titled, "Risk Communication: Building capacity under the International Health Regulations (IHR)". Available through the Virtual Campus for Public Health, the new course aims to strengthen capacity in developing risk communication strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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