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Planning Checklist for a National Risk Communication Strategy  
A checklist and associated indicators to create a risk communication strategy.  
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Updated: Creating a Communication Strategy for Pandemic Influenza  
Presents a strategy to communicate with the public, and stakeholders within the health system during a public health emergency. This strategy guide was produced in line with those guidelines issued by the WHO and the PAHO Strategic Plan for Responding to Pandemic Influenza.  
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Checklist for Creating a Communication Strategy for Avian/Pandemic Influenza 
Presents a checklist of the tasks and indicators that should be met in producing a communication strategy for Avian and Pandemic Influenza. 
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Crisis and Outbreak Communication 
A slide presentation that explains all aspects of crisis and outbreak communication.
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Guide for Social and Risk Communication in Animal Health 
A guide developed by PAHO’s Center for Foot and Mouth Disease (PANAFTOSA) for effective social and risk communication to strengthen animal health actions and control of foot-and-mouth disease. 
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Mapping Communication Messages for Avian and Pandemic Influenza 
Provides a list, by institution, of communication messages for Avian and Pandemic Influenza. 

Simulation Exercise and Facilitator's Notes
Simulation exercise on risk and outbreak communication, originally used in the Sub-regional Communication Workshop held in Bogota, Colombia.
Simulation Exercise:    English   Spanish 
Facilitator's Notes:    English   Spanish  

Self-instruction Course: Risk and Outbreak Communication 
An interactive information sharing online course which should lead to the creation of local proposals for risk management. 
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Strategic and Operational Plan for Responding to Pandemic Influenza 
Describes PAHO's activities to direct technical cooperation to be carried out to prepare the countries of the Region for an Influenza Pandemic. 

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