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 Some Country Events for the Commemoration of Malaria Day in the Americas 2009

  • Belize

Title: Malaria Day in the Americas 2009

Description: Community health fair focusing on Malaria in San Antonio PCP Region (Corazon Creek).

The planning and mobilization of the fair was coordinated by San Antonio PCP Administrator, Vector Control Unit, HECOPAB and Community Health Workers. Area schools (Dolores, Otoxha, Corazon, San Lucas, Mabilha and Santa Teresa) participated in the event.

Date: November 6th, 2009

Location: Corazon Creek, San Antonio PCP Region, Toledo District Health Services.

  • Bolivia

Title: “Día del Paludismo en las Américas” y los 50 años de lucha institucional contra el Paludismo (“Malaria Day in the Americas" and 50 years of institutional fight against Malaria).

Description: Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of program, with an act of appreciation to the program’s oldest staff and a historical review of malaria in Bolivia.

Date: November 6th, 2009

Location: The city of Santa Cruz

  • Colombia

Title: Día de la Malaria en las Américas (Malaria Day in the Americas)


• The INS, in coordination with the Ministry of Social Protection, organized an informative event on the situation of malaria in the country and the various efforts made to strengthen the monitoring, analysis, evidence-based decision making, program management, and implementation of more cost-effective actions to control malaria.

• A group of national experts were brought together in Bogotá to review the final version of the new clinical guidelines for malaria.

• The northern department of Santander joined in the celebration of Malaria Day in the Americas with the theme “Counting Malaria Out”. An informational event, participated in by representatives from various stakeholder groups, was held at Parque Principal Municipio de Tibu.

Date: November 6th, 2009

Bogota; Santander

  • Guatemala

Title: “Día del Paludismo en las Américas” (Malaria Day in the Americas)


• There was  a meeting with the network of volunteers in the department of Petén (northern Guatemala that comprise 3 Health Areas), which marked the day of the fight against malaria. This meeting involved local authorities and ministerial officials and was used to consolidate the network and encourage community service. In charge of coordinating this activity was the coordinator of vector management in the South Western Petén Health Area.

• There was a meeting and a parade in Tikalito community, organized by the malaria project coordinator / Global Fund in the North Peten Health Area.

Date: November 6th, 2009


  • Guyana

Title: Counting Malaria Out Towards 2010 – Expanding Partnership with the Community & Miners/ Loggers in the Fight Against Malaria.

Activities included:

• Essay/Art/Jingle Competition.
• Overview – Epidemiological Situation in Guyana.
• Malaria – the dynamics of the disease in Guyana.
Remarks from Technical Partners.

Date: November 5th, 2009

Mahdia Secondary School, Region 8

  • Nicaragua

Title: Día Del Paludismo en las América: Nicaragua en camino hacia la eliminación del Paludismo (Malaria Day in the Americas: Nicaragua on the road towards malaria elimination).

An educational fair to present the current malaria situation in the general population towards malaria pre-elimination and elimination.

November 6th, 2009.

Auditorio Central UNAN Managua.

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