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Risk and Outbreak Communication

  Step-by-Step Guide for Community Leaders 
United States Agency for International Development 
This guide is to help local leaders and community organizers bring together the community to help plan for disease outbreaks and other emergencies. 
  Avian Influenza Media Orientation Training Guide 
United States Agency for International Development 
Based on evidence-based information and tested training notes, this document introduces avian influenza to local media to help them cover the story and understand the complexity of the virus and its impact. 
  Outbreak Communication Guidelines 
World Health Organization 
The document presents a short list of outbreak communication best practices. 
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  Best Practices for Communicating with the Public during an Outbreak
World Health Organization
Report of the WHO Expert Consultation on Outbreak Communications held in Singapore, 21–23 September 2004.
  Effective Media Communication during Public Health Emergencies
World Health Organization
The handbook describes a seven-step process to assist officials and others to communicate effectively through the media during emergencies.
  Handbook for Journalists: Influenza Pandemic
World Health Organization
The handbook for journalists is an introduction to everything you need to know about influenza, including avian influenza and the potential for a pandemic.
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  WHO Interim Protocol: Rapid operations to contain the initial emergence of pandemic influenza
World Health Organization
Outlines a strategic approach to contain the initial appearance of pandemic influenza.
  Resource Webpage from the US Government
US Government /
List of resource links to communication materials and documents from the US Government and other international organizations.
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Strategic Risk Communication

Public Health Agency of Canada
A framework for strategic risk communications within the context of Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada’s integrated risk management.
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  Communication Resources for Avian Influenza Preparedness and Response
USAID / LinksMedia
List of resources for health sector communicators in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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  Inter-agency Resource Center and Materials
An online resource center containing Avian and Pandemic influenza communication resources by UNICEF/WHO/FAO/UNDP/WFP.
 Creating a Communication Strategy  Creating a Risk Communication Strategy for Pandemic Influenza
Pan American Health Organization
PAHO presented to its Governing Bodies a detailed strategic plan aimed at directing Technical Cooperation activities to prepare the countries of the Region for an influenza pandemic. That document called on all countries to include risk communication and communication strategies in their plans.
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Highlights: PAHO/WHO Documents

   International Health Regulations
World Health Organization
The International Health Regulations (IHR) are an international legal instrument that is binding on 194 countries across the globe, including all the Member States of WHO. Their aim is to help the international community prevent and respond to acute public health risks that have the potential to cross borders and threaten people worldwide. Read More...
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 IHR: Risk Communication for Public Health Emergencies, Workshop Facilitator's Guide
Objective: To encourage and facilitate improved risk communication for public health emergencies among public health authorities and other partner organizations, through the building of risk communication core capacities as part of the surveillance and response requirements of the IHR.

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