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Washington, D.C., 23 - 24 November, 2009

The objective of the Workshop was to present and discuss analytical frameworks and empirical studies on the economic, fiscal and welfare implications of aging and chronic diseases in countries of the Americas. The emphasis was on the following conditions: cancers, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and obesity, and chronic respiratory diseases. These conditions account for a large proportion of the overall burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in countries of the region.   [Workshop presentations]

The Workshop discussions will help our institutions to identify research gaps on the types of analytical and empirical studies needed to build support for a broader public policy approach. Focus will be geared towards identifying the type of research and dissemination of information activities needed to gather support of senior policy makers from the Ministries of Economic Development, Planning, Finance or Central Banks, on public policies needed to prevent or reduce the social and economic costs to families and the society brought by the avoidable burden of chronic diseases.

Researchers from international organizations and from countries of the Region will present and discuss papers analyzing different dimensions of the economic, fiscal and welfare implications of chronic diseases: i) the direct and indirect costs at the household, national health care systems and macroeconomic levels; ii) the catastrophic nature of health expenditures associated with chronic diseases; iii) the fiscal implications of the cost increases to be faced by public health care systems; and iv) the gender implications of chronic diseases related to un-remunerated long-term care services provided by households. A special emphasis will be given to the fiscal and macroeconomic implications of an increased burden of chronic diseases and their impact on the rate of economic growth.

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