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Workshop overview. Rubén Suarez, Senior Advisor. Health Economics and Financing, PAHO.

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Preventing chronic disease in the Americas, a vital investment. James Hospedales, Senior Advisor, Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases, PAHO.

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Cost issues related to non-communicable diseases. Shanthi Mendis, Senior Advisor, Cardiovascular Diseases, WHO, Geneva.

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Aging during the Epidemiologic transitions: a historical view. Suchit Arora, Consultant, USA.

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On Demographic transition and economic development: a long term perspective. Tim Miller, CELADE, Santiago, Chile.

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Who will pay? Coping with aging, pensions, health care and other long-term fiscal challenges. Peter Heller, Consultant, USA.

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On the Economics of prevention of chronic diseases: The rationale for government intervention. Phillip Musgrove, Editor, Health Affairs, USA.

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Medical spending attributable to obesity in the USA. Joel, W. Cohen, Director, Division of Social and Economic Research Center for Financing, Access, and Cost Trends, Agency for Health Care Research Quality, USA

The Economic burden of chronic diseases in the USA. Kevin Klowden, Managing Economist, Center for Health Economics, The Milken Institute, USA.

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The costs of chronic diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean: The case of Diabetes. Alberto Barcelo, Senior Advisor, Non-Communicable Diseases, PAHO. icon Download document (1.87 MB)

Managing chronic conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean, IADB Sponsored research project. Ignez M. Tristao, Economist, Social Protection and Health Division Inter-American Development Bank, USA

An expanded research agenda on the impacts of chronic care on unpaid care-giving, productivity and health system, Canada. Peter Coyte, Professor of Health Economics and CHSRF/CIHR Health Services Chair, Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation University of Toronto, Canada

Chronic Diseases research agenda: a perspective from English speaking Caribbean. Karl Theodore, Health Economics Unit, University of West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago.

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The Macroeconomic consequences of chronic diseases in emerging market economies. Jeremiah Norris, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, USA.

Chronic diseases in developing countries:  Health and Economic Burdens. Rachel Nugent, Center for Global Development, USA

On the direct and indirect costs of chronic diseases: summary of analytical frameworks, evidences and research gaps. Jorge Ugaz, Consultant, University of Chicago, USA.

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On chronic diseases and economic growth: summary of analytical frameworks, empirical evidence and research gaps. David Mayer, CIDE, Mexico.

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