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Welcome to the meeting page for the 2009 CARMEN Biennial Meeting, Taking Stock of Progress and Advancing the Implementation of the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy within the CARMEN Network (26-29 October 2009, Lima, Peru)

CARMEN is an initiative of PAHO, its Member States, and partner organizations to improve the health of peoples in the Americas by preventing and controlling chronic diseases and their associated risk factors. This is achieved through the development, implementation, and evaluation of public policies, social mobilization, health promotion, surveillance and integrated disease management. The CARMEN network helps implement the Regional Strategy and Plan of Action for an Integrated Approach to the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases, including Diet and Physical Activity. Major meetings of the network take place every two years.

Click below for all conference documentation: objectives and expected results, agenda and list of participants, presentations, working group reports, and the final report.

Purpose: To take stock and review progress with the advancements, challenges and opportunities for implementing the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy, through the CARMEN network, as well as planning future collaborative activities.


  • To review the CARMEN network achievements since the previous biennial meeting in 2007.
  • To discuss progress to date, challenges and opportunities for implementing the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy, including evaluating progress of the biennial workplan (BWP).
  • To showcase available tools and resources which could support countries in their chronic disease programs.
  • To disseminate best practice and results of successful experiences for the prevention and control of chronic diseases across the Americas.
  • To plan CARMEN related activities and joint projects at the regional, subregional and national levels for the 2010-2011 biennium.
  • To foster the current CARMEN partnerships and identify new potential partnerships, through the Partner's Forum initiative, in support of implementing CARMEN national, subregional and regional activities.

Expected Results

  • Assessment of progress with the implementation of all components of the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy, at regional, subregional and national levels.
  • Identification of strategies, resources, training, and other opportunities to assist countries to advance implementation of the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy, especially in those areas with delayed progress.
  • Defined joint projects, including the unfinished activities planned in the 2007 CARMEN meeting, with specific actions for the 2010-2011 biennium.
  • Deepened understanding and commitment among PAHO, countries and partners towards implementing the Chronic Disease Regional Strategy and the Partners Forum for Chronic Disease.

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Presentations (PowerPoint PDF, in language of title)

Day 1 (26 October 2009)

Day 2 (27 October 2009)

Day 3 (28 October 2009)

Day 4 (29 October 2009)

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