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Fact Sheet: Ten Things You Need to Know About Pandemic Influenza  
World Health Organization  
English   Spanish  
Poster: Five Keys to Safer Food  
World Health Organization  
Five simple measures could significantly reduce the global incidence of food-borne disease.  
English   Spanish  
Clean Hands Campaign  
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  
English   Spanish  
Bird Flu & You: A quick guide to protecting yourself and your family from bird (pandemic) flu  
Center for Technology and National Security Policy  
Full color poster and infection control handout with pertinent information on avian and pandemic influenza. Available in various languages, including Spanish, on their Website.  
Resource Web site: Documents, Presentations, Audio/Video Materials, and more. 
Ministry of Health, Chile 
Resource Web site: Health Risk Communication Materials
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) 
English   Spanish  
Resource Web site: Risk Communication Plans, Print Publications, Banners, Technical Documents, Press Releases, and newspaper articles 
Ministry of Health, Peru 
Resource Web site: Posters, News Articles, FAQ Sheets 
Ministry of Health, Brazil 
Resource Web site: Campaigns, Internal Communication Materials, Publications, and more.  
Secretary of Health, Mexico 

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