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Today, 250 million people in the Americas suffer from chronic diseases. Each year, some 3.9 million people die of chronic disease, and 37% before age 70years. The number of deaths is projected to increase by 53% by the year 2030.  The human suffering and economic cost will be enormous. Yet it is almost entirely preventable.

We understand that the root causes of chronic diseases are many and complex. As a result, the Pan American Health Organization has established the Pan American Forum for Action on Chronic Disease as a platform to bring together government, private sector and civil society to raise awareness of, and help scale-up and synergize successful practices for the prevention and control of chronic diseases and promotion of health at all levels. This will support attainment of the Regional strategy goal of improving well-being and productivity in the Americas, avoid billions in economic losses, and prevent three million deaths in the next 10 years, through multi-sector collaborative approaches

We — leaders from government, businesses, international organizations, civil society organizations, the health sector, faith-based organizations, communities, academia, and the media — recognize the seriousness of the threat, as highlighted in the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs in September 2011. We must combine our resources, competencies, social capital, and reach through collaborations to change the way people live.

As members of the Pan American Forum, we commit to:

  • Raising the profile of chronic disease issues on the public policy agenda and awareness of the potential for win-win, multi-sectoral partnerships to effect change;

  • Developing and promoting efficient and innovative solutions to the biggest health challenge facing the Americas today.

  • Build our connections with, and enhance our understanding of all sectors to create effective, collective, innovative multi-sectoral programs; 

  • Share the values and principles of the Pan American Forum and refrain from actions that could be perceived as infringing on integrity, independence and impartiality of others or that can pose or can be perceived as posing conflicts of interest;

As members of the Pan American Forum, we agree to provide the following:

  • Organizational commitment (to the Regional Strategy); 

  • Resources (e.g., technical skills, core competencies, financial or in-kind support); 

  • Senior-level representation with decision-making authority at the Forum;

Signatory Organization:




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