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"The Country Focus Support (CFS) Office will serve as an effective bridge between Country Offices and the different levels and areas of the Organization in order to optimize PAHO/WHO’s Technical Cooperation focused on the countries”


To facilitate and contribute to the integration of the various levels and parts of Organization to ensure that PAHO/WHO’s technical cooperation responds efficiently and effectively to the specific country needs within the framework of the national, sub-regional, regional and global health agenda in accordance with the Organization’s mandates.


To make  PAHO/WHO Country Focus Policy  operational in order to serve  the countries better through the integration of political, technical, managerial and administrative aspects of PAHO/WHO's Technical Cooperation.


  • To promote and facilitate the communication between the Country Offices, Director’s Office, as well as the Organization’s technical and administrative areas to address political issues, strategic approaches and new modalities of cooperation to define PAHO/WHO’s Country Program presence in each country.
  • To effectively contribute with the Director's Office and the Country Offices to facilitate PAHO/WHO’s integrated management of the PAHO/WHO TC focused on the countries.
  • To promote and support the technical cooperation among countries and the sub-regional integration processes in health.
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