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The Platform’s governing structure is under evaluation and will ultimately be approved my member countries. However, the graphic below describes the current proposed governing structure, composed of a Secretariat, Executive Committee, and Advisory Board:




Input processes must be employed to create the Regional Platform for Access and Innovation for Health. Internal and external consultants have developed the conceptual framework for the Platform and its activities. The virtual tools for the Platform are currently being created to sustain the Platform’s conceptual framework. Several steps will be taken to develop content, create platform architecture, and engage users. Later, governance and management strategy, including roles and responsibilities, will be defined, and resources will be mobilized to ensure development and long-term sustainability of the project. Additionally, a communication strategy will be developed to motivate stakeholders towards active participation in the Platform’s development. Finally, a transparent monitoring and evaluation strategy will be developed to allow all stakeholders to assess the Platform. By developing indicators and strategy to monitor the implementation, development, and performance of the Platform, the governing structure will make modifications as needed.

The Steering Committee for the development of the Regional Platform for Access and Innovation includes representatives from:




In the short term, the Platform will create tools to connect experts and to develop human resource competencies in the area of innovation for health. Regional cooperation will improve access to essential medicines and health technologies and will strengthen regional governance over the pharmaceutical and innovation for health sectors.

The long-term impact of the Platform is the enhancement of knowledge and management capacity for innovation for health. National Health Authorities (NHA) will be able to partner with knowledge producers to improve and direct needs-driven research. NHA will be able to strengthen its regulatory and governance functions for pharmaceutical and innovation for health sectors. Access and rational use of medicines and health technologies will be improved. Regional health priorities will be able to direct innovation and technology transfer for health. Regional innovation for health systems will be strengthened and will contribute to increase health equity in member countries. Most importantly, the Platform will become a dynamic instrument that responds to users’ needs and demands. It will focus on current public health priorities and will enable improved communication with similar instruments from other regions.

Expected Results

Within the priority framework established in the Health Agenda for the Americas and under the guidance of the Strategic Plan, we expect the Platform will:

  • Develop a participative and cooperative knowledge base
  • Strengthen National Health Authorities in their regulatory and governance functions over the pharmaceutical and innovation sector
  • Promote access to EM and health technologies and improve the rational use of these products based on the best available evidence
  • Promote innovation and technology transfer with regard to serving Regional health priorities
  • Facilitate technical cooperation
  • Increase transparency and information sharing
  • Increase efficiency and efficacy for all concerned parties
  • Catalyze horizontal project integration
  • Promote the development of the necessary competencies that can facilitate the previous objectives. 

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