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icon The Challenge of Epidemiology: Issues and Selected Readings
Order code: SP-E 505
ISBN: 92 75 11505 2
Year Published: 1988
Pages: 1004

Edited by four eminent epidemiologists, this book consolidates, for the first time, a core of landmark articles on the evolution, scope and limitations, uses, and prospects of epidemiology. An outstanding feature of the book is the inclusion of the editors' assessments of the realm of epidemiology, where it is and where it should be going. It represents a useful tool for both students and practicing professionals and provides a much-needed frame of reference for reorienting the practice of epidemiology.

The book is a collection of 91 articles, grouped in five sections. The first two sections deal with the historical evolution of the discipline and sections 3 and 4 address the application of epidemiology. Finally, section 5 offers the editors' view on epidemiology's future.

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