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Technical cooperation in the Laboratory is governed by the mandates of both the World Health Assembly through Resolutions WHA58.29 of 2005, Enhancement of Laboratory Biosafety, WHA59.2 of 2006, International Health Regulations, 2005 and the Governing Bodies of PAHO, summarized in the resolutions EC 124.R13 of 1999, Prevention and Control of Emerging and Reemerging Diseases in the Americas and EC 126/18 of 2000, The Public Health in the Americas.

The regional action plan within the framework of the International Health Regulations, 2005, proposes to strengthen the public health laboratories services through:


1) the implementation of a Quality System Management within the national laboratory networks that includes standard operating procedures, the participation in External Quality Assessment Schemes, standards for biosafety and biosecurity, safe shipment of dangerous goods, adequate waste elimination and programs of maintenance;

2) the development of human resources in technical and management issues and technological transfer;

3) the implementation of information systems;

4) the integration of the laboratories into the surveillance system;

5) the preparedness for disaster situations and sanitary emergencies;

6)the promotion of collaborative research projects in public health priority areas and;

7) networking.

The technical documents and reports of PAHO are designed to provide professionals in the member countries with a situational analysis, helping them to identify pertinent strategies, and design and implement interventions, including staff training. In order to maximize the impact of its resources, PAHO also identifies materials produced by other institutions that can assist with local decision-making. This Website, therefore, contains our own technical documents and a number of links that will enable visitors to access the basic tools necessary for meeting the objective in quality that contribute to the safety of the patient, community, personnel, environment and other vulnerable populations.


Official Documents, PAHO or WHO Publications

Temas de Laboratorio

Los documentos, publicaciones, mandatos de la OPS/OMS relacionados con los servicios de laboratorio se distribuyen en cuatro áreas principales, que son:

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