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icon Disasters: Selected Readings. (5.81 MB)

Order code: SP-E 633
ISBN: 927512633X
Year Published: 2006
Pages: 207

The selections in the following three sections highlight various aspects of planning before a disaster strikes and an effective response in its aftermath. The selections touch on such topics as the handling of supplies, dealing with mass casualties, protecting various elements of the health sector, and coping with mental health issues among survivors.

Section 1: Good Planning and Preparation for Safety - This section deals with various aspects of planning and taking measures to mitigate the effects of disasters, ranging from how to prepare for mass casualties, how to plan for processing and handling emergency supplies, and how to think ahead and protect water supply and sewerage systems.

Section 2: Protecting the Health Sector - This section deals with assessing the risk of damage from disasters to various components of the health sector and how to protect them before a disaster strikes and during its aftermath.

Section 3: Responding Effectively - This section deals with various aspects of a response to a disaster, ranging from effectively deploying field hospitals, coping with mental health issues, and processing supply donations.

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