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Emergency Operations Center Situation Report #9 - Haiti Earthquake - English | Spanish | French | Portugues



  • Over 50 teams from various countries and NGOs are providing health services for the sick and injured. 
  • In addition to the 18 permanent health facilities that are operational, the USNS Comfort, a medical treatment vessel with 1,000 beds and four operating rooms, arrived on 20 January. 
  • UNDP launched cash-for-work activities in Haiti to help the local economy. Activities such as clearing and repairing streets as well as restoring electricity will facilitate the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance.


Daily meetings of the Health Cluster, chaired by PAHO/WHO, now include more than 55 agencies, among them:

  • F.I.R.S.T., Finish Red Cross, ECHO, B-FAST, Hope International, Turkish Medical Rescue, UNFPA, Project Hope, Clinton Foundation, Airline Ambassadors, PSI, Belgium First Aid, UNICEF, Brazilian Medical mission, Israel, USAID, Humanity First, German Mission, Health Empowering Humanity, French Cooperation, Spanish for International Cooperation, Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministry, Menonite Central Committee, Humanity First, AMURT-EL, Mission of Hope Haiti One, Amazon Expeditions, International Action Ties, PSI/Haiti, Help Age International, Association des Hôpitaux Prives d’Haiti, Rescue Net International, Hôpital France.
  • Within the Health Cluster, there are three sub-groups: mobile health team, rapid health assessment and hospital assessment. Two additional sub-groups will be needed such as drugs and medical supplies and epidemiological and early warning system. 
  • PAHO/WHO has participated in seven rapid hospital assessments with UNFPA and UNEP.
  • The hospitals assessed are: Isai jeanty, Choscal, Diquini, Hôpital de la Paix, the Haiti University Hospital (HUEH), Canapé Vert, and Saint François de Salles.
  • According to assessments from 20 January, at least nine field hospitals from various countries and organizations are functioning and providing urgent surgical care. Specifically, the French Injured child in Hospital Melenciano in Jimaní, field hospital is delivering obstetric surgical care, that of Brazil is providing neuro and maxillofacial surgery and the Russian field hospital is providing orthopedic surgeries.
  • The Government of Mexico, at PAHO/WHO’s request, deployed a self-sufficient trauma team of 20 individuals that arrived today, 21 January. 
  • LSS/SUMA is operational at the airport in Port-au-Prince and the first report was produced. In the coming days, they system will be used to start registering WFP supplies. DHL is supporting the LSS/SUMA effort. 
  • In coordination with PROMESS and the National Program of Blood Transfusion in the Dominican Republic, the American Red Cross is sending donated blood to complement units already supplied by Bolivia and the Dominican Republic. 
  • At present, the total pledged contributions (cash and in-kind) to WHO and PAHO for the earthquake in Haiti is over US$ 12 million.


Check out the daily Health Cluster Bulletin:

* On 15 January, the United Nations launched a Flash Appeal.
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