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normas, enfermedades crónicasLegislation on obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases

(Book in Spanish, 233 pp, introduction translated below)

Legislation is a fundamental tool for implementing health policies. The legal guidelines applicable to chronic disease prevention and control determine the obligations of authorities and healthcare providers when they carry out preventive programs and offer treatment to people suffering from these diseases. The flip side of this obligation is the human right to demand action in the areas of prevention and care.

icon Full text (in Spanish, 233 pp.)

The purpose of this study is to compile existing legislation in the area of chronic disease prevention and control in the Latin American countries related to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. The work also carries out a situation analysis for the Region by trying to identify any legal gaps that might exist.

  • The first part of this work includes an explanation of the methodology used and a brief preliminary analysis of the legislation compiled.
  • The second part contains the local guidelines applicable to the prevention and control of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, sorted by country and typology.

recopilación de normas, ECNT, América Latina

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