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Colombia sent to Haiti almost two thousand tons of humanitarian aid and more than a million dollars in cash, according to the Interior Ministry. The latest shipment—totalling 70 tons—left the Catam Military Base in an U.S. Air Force plane on 27 January.

The South American country has sent to Haiti 148 rescue workers with various specialties, especially in the area of health, including general practitioners, orthopedists, orthopedic surgeons, nurses and nursing assistants.

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, from its Country Office in Colombia, has developed a series of actions, including:

  • Accompanying the national coordination mechanism led by the Interior Ministry, with different disaster preparedness and response institutions
  • Sending consultants
  • Exchanging information on priority needs with the various agencies of the United Nations system
  • The installation of the LSS-SUMA system at the airport to track shipments

On Saturday 23 January PAHO/WHO developed in conjunction with OCHA the Haiti CrisisCamp workshop, involving volunteers in the areas of development, design and communication.


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