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Emergency Operations Center Situation Report #15  
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  • Reports indicate that there are over 2,000 amputee cases, and this number is likely to increase.
  • As of 27 January, a total of 526 blood units were distributed and 350 new units of blood are scheduled to arrive today from the American Red Cross.
  • Before the earthquake, there were approximately 380,000 orphans. The number of unaccompanied or orphaned children is now estimated to be one million.
  • The Code and Conduct Unit of MINUSTAH will provide sensitization materials to UNIFEM, IRC, and UNFPA. These materials should be distributed to the clusters to raise awareness about sexual exploitation and abuse.
  • UNAIDS reports that an assessment of PMTCT services (prevention of mother-to-child transmission) at the Hospital de la Paix found that children born to HIV+ mothers are not able to receive appropriate care due to lack of stock or finances to purchase breast milk substitute. Future assessments in other PMTCT centers will determine if this is a trend.
  • According to the WASH Cluster, water is reaching over 300,000 people through approximately 133 distribution points in Port-au-Prince and partners are expanding into other areas such as Leogane and Jacmel.


  • PAHO/WHO positioned 6 tents near PROMESS for post-surgical care that will be operated by Medecins Sans Frontieres Spain.
  • PAHO/WHO deployed two mental health specialists that will assess conditions in the Dominican Republic along the border and will then travel to Haiti to provide support to health partners.
  • In support of the Ministry of Health, PAHO/WHO along with CDC, MINUSTAH, Canada, Cuba and other partners are working to establish an emergency surveillance system within Haiti. A situation room will be used for national and international partners to monitor and investigate cases and provide information to decision makers.
  • The Ministry of Health, through PAHO/WHO, distributed a form to the members of the Health Cluster to obtain information about activities their organizations are carrying out, locations where they are functioning and the date they will complete operations.
  • PAHO/WHO is working with the White Helmets to deploy six logisticians and LSS/SUMA experts to support operations of the Health Cluster and in PROMESS. See below a report compiled by the LSS/SUMA team of supplies and donations received through the airport in Port-au-Prince. 
  • The post-operative care site on the grounds of the organization Love A Child in Fond Parisien is functioning and will receive two more tents to accommodate patients recovering from surgery. Around 30 patients per day are arriving from the hospital in Jimaní.

Read today’s Haiti Health Cluster Bulletin #9 at

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List of supplies and weight by category


Weight (kg)

Food and Drink


Health (Non-pharmaceutical)




Personal Needs/Education






Unclassified Items


Water and Sanitation


Total Weight



View the chart: "Percent of supplies received by category"


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