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Instrument and Exercise for in vivo Antimalarial Drug-Efficacy Studies (WHO, 2004)

An instrument for analyzing the results of the evaluations of antimalarial drug efficacy has been made available to the teams carrying out this type of study within the framework of PAHO's Amazon Network for the Surveillance of Antimalarial Drug Resistance (RAVREDA, from its name in Spanish Red de Vigilancia de la Resistencia a las Drogas Antimaláricas) and USAID's Amazon Malaria Initiative (AMI).

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:: Practical Guide for in vivo Antimalarial Drug-Efficacy Studies in the Americas. (In Spanish)

It consists of an Excel spreadsheet where, once patient and follow-up data is entered, will automatically classify the type of therapeutic response and carry out an analysis per protocol (see the generic protocols). Another worksheet within the same Excel file allows for a survival analysis. The tool also envisions a spreadsheet to carry out double data entry with a control mechanism to correct errors in data entry prior to the analysis. A dynamic table additionally allows for the analysis of other variables of the casuistics being studied.

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