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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health merits special attention as a key to broader development.

Better health is necessary although not a sufficient condition for better outcomes on income, productivity, and sustained development. The importance of investing in research for health has not yet been fully realized as financial resources for research remain insufficient.However, investing in research for health in developing countries is a necessity, not an extravagance, as people should expect to live full and healthy lives despite economic disparities. Money spent on research for health is an economic driver, enhances competitiveness and addresses the social determinants of health.

Local political will and investments are vital for sustained growth in health research. The effort to develop national health research systems is a crucial step towards translating priority health problems and needs into health research questions.

Our case studies reflect upon this and show how research leads to tailored, cost effective, and sustainable improvements in population's health.


kangaroo-motherKangaroo Mother Care, Revisited: New knowledge about quality of care and the neurological development of premature babies; an Interview with Dr. Nathalie Charpak

Little girl
Promoting Health in All Policies: Learning from Finland

Little girl
Cervical Cancer Screening: Yesterday and Today

Chemotherapy patient
The birth of cancer chemotherapy: accident and research

the pill
Enabling gender equality, economic growth and sustainable development through research for health: The case of the oral contraceptive pill

case magpie
Building research capacity in Latin America and the Caribbean through international collaborations - The Magpie Trial

Scientific Journalism and Coverage of Health Research

Tranexamic Acid and Trauma Patients

  Poor Quality Reporting in Latin American Countries



Smoke-Free Environment in Latin America



Hib vaccine research and development in Cuba





Spatial analysis of road safety in Mexico



 Mercury Poisoining in the Brazilian Amazon




  Kangaroo Mother Care as a hospital alternative



  Control of Yellow Fever in the Panama Canal Zone



  Early Detection of Acute Respiratory Infections in Guatemala




TB in the US-Mexico border region




HIV Resistance Network and antiretroviral therapy 




Breast cancer screening in Manitoba

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