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Pan American Tobacco Information Online System


The Pan American Tobacco Information Online System (PATIOS) is a web based information system containing country-specific data on a wide variety of tobacco control topics. PATIOS provides a standardized and reliable tracking and assessment of the tobacco-related situation within and across countries, and disseminates this information to policy and decision-makers, staff of tobacco control programs, tobacco control advocates, researchers and media. The database covers 53 indicators on tobacco use and control policies in all PAHO American Member States. The database covers five main areas: health impact (including prevalence of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke), policy and legislation, economics, cessation, and planning and programming.

Link to PATIOS main page


Regional Health Observatory

The Regional Health Observatory (RHO) is a PAHO institutional resource to facilitate access to data, information, analyses, and empiric evidence for monitoring and evaluating the regional health sistuation. It provides data, statistics, information products and analytical results by priority health themes, including technical briefings and recommendations to support decision making in public health.

Tobacco control is one of the many health topics featured at the Regional Health Observatory web site. Click here to accces the tobacco control section of the RHO web site where you can find interactive maps with information on tobacco use prevalence and tobacco control policies/interventions. 




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