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The EQUATOR Network is an international initiative that seeks to enhance reliability and value of medical research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting of research studies. A leader in defining standards for health research reporting, they provide PAHO with an opportunity to help raise the level of publications and reports for research from the Americas and to promote adherence to international reporting standards in line with PAHO's policy.

EQUATOR's collaboration with PAHO will result in organized dialogues and workshops on best practices in reporting research which will be translated to better suit the audiences of the Americas. The collaboration will support and contribute towards institutional strengthening within PAHO Member States for better system-wide knowledge of reporting standards within national health research systems. Also, working jointly with PAHO's Knowledge Management and Communication unit, it will expand the dissemination of reporting guidelines and facilitate translation of key documents to PAHO official languages.

If you are an author, peer reviewer or journal editor click  here  to know how you can improve your research reporting.


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