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Research reporting is an essential tool in the dissemination of scientific research findings in the wider scientific community, and to an extent, the lay community. It is vital that reporting is accurate, transparent and reliable. However, this is not always the case.

The EQUATOR (Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research) Network is an international initiative that seeks to enhance the reliability and value of medical research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting of research studies. A leader in defining standards for health research reporting, the EQUATOR Network provide authors, journal editors and peer-reviewers with a vast library of reporting guidelines and resources that foster the comprehensive and accurate reporting of scientific research methodologies and findings.

In 2010, the EQUATOR Network and PAHO initiated a collaboration to promote adherence to international reporting standards - in line with PAHO's Policy on Research for Health. Working jointly, the two institutions seek to raise the quality of research reporting and improve the quality of published scientific articles in the Americas.

The PAHO-EQUATOR Network collaboration will result in organized courses, webinars and workshops on best practices in research reporting and where feasible, the most pertinent documents will be translated into Spanish, Portuguese and French (PAHO's official languages). Currently, PAHO, through it's Research Promotion & Development team, is working on the dissemination and implementation of reporting guidelines across the Americas.

If you are an author, peer reviewer or journal editor click  here  to know how you can improve your research reporting.


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