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Integral part of the Cochrane Collaboration an international not-for-profit organization, providing up-to-date information about the effectiveness of health care interventions.

The Canadian Cochrane network implements Cochrane related activities, such as capacity building, in French and English across Canada. The have been instrumental in leading new efforts and methods especially on knowledge translation, linking research evidence with policy and practice.

Their partnership with PAHO leads to implementation of training initiatives for users and producers of systematic reviews constituents in the Americas conducting and using systematic reviews.  This partnership is key in promoting the use and accessibility of Cochrane Reviews and furthering the joint interest in evidence informed decision-making.


  • Signature of Agreement 
  • 21st. Chochrane Colloquium, 20th Anniversary of Chochrane. 
Septermber 15-18, Quebec, CanadaThe21st Chochrane Colloquium took place in Quebec City, Canada. An event hosted by Chochrane Canada and Laval University it gathered about 1300 professionals from as many as 100 countries interested in improving and utilizing health research. Cochrane's many achievements and its future challenges were the theme in some sessions and the final plenary. As in previous years PAHO had an active role in the Colloquium beginning with Dr. LA Galvo who as PAHO acting AD was invited to be a speaker in the III Plenary after which Eleana C Villanueva delivered the PAHO-Chochrane Award 2013. See more on the prize here
PAHO staff also led the following sessions:
Boosting the production of scientific evidence for low and middle income
Evidence to policy in graduate programs: scaling up EVIPNet
Research Dissemination for Impact
Poster Online Capacity Building in Translating Research into Practice 
for Latin American Researchers.

HIFA 2015 at the Cochrane Colloquium: HIFA's Neil Pakenham-Walsh coordinator of Healthcare Information for All (HIFA 2015) presented the HIFA model of dissemination which supports that in order for end-users to successfully put the information into use, producers must first make them available through references and other learning materials. Pakenham-Walsh explained in detail each step of the model and talked about how researchers can mainstream systematic reviews for increased impact. HIFA model was the opening presentation of the Dissemination for Impact session moderated by Eleana C Villanueva. HIFA 2015 is characterized by its very active and lively discussions that are later collated by topic discussion by its coordinator. If you would like to join HIFA write to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Cochrane Canada Webinars

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