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The Cancer Registries of Quito and Guayaquil, in Ecuador, Cali in Colombia, Bahia Blanca in Argentina, Barbados, and the National Cancer Institute (INCA) in Brazil participated in a meeting to develop a plan for collaboration between PAHO and the IARC to improve cancer registries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The group identified the following specific goals for the next five years:



 Integration with national healthcare systems (institutionalization)


 Integration with other steakholders



 Developing criteria for ideal cancer registration


How to build Cancer Registries in LAC


Use of technology for cancer registries


The research component as part of the cancer registry activities


Methodologies to evaluate cancer registries


Improve the country-level estimates to match IARC


Country-level organization with responsibility for quality control, resource centre etc.



Centers of Excellence for training (subregional)  


Documenting basic competencies for building cancer-registries


When training – to consider all required competencies (e.g. collecting, coding)  


Consider external links for registrar accreditation.  


Distance-learning as a particular paradigm  


In particular, use of university teaching resources and experience as an accreditation source



Three main languages: Translation of all main publications/information


Strengthen communications regarding cancer information at country level 


Dissemination of cancer registry information (within country and internationally) 


Peer-reviewed information – consider funded journal edition with invited articles (e.g. Pan Am J Public Health); review current LAC journals for possible journal to use; open-access articles


The use of health economics as a vehicle for talking to public-health policymakers


 Annual meeting


 Journal as a vehicle for cancer information in LAC

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