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1. Proof of approval by a local Ethics Review Board and/or if necessary, national authorities.

2. Abstract (less than 300 words)

3. Disclosure of funding sources, sponsors, institutional affiliation, and any other potential sources that may be cause for conflict of interest.

4. A complete research proposal that includes:

  • Brief background and justification
  • Objective of study and brief statement as to why the research question(s) is relevant
  • Methodology / procedures / analysis plan
  • Sampling methodology and sample size calculations
  • Limitations / delimitations
  • Assessment of predictable risks and burdens to individuals and communities in comparison with foreseeable benefits
  • Budget and timelines
  • References

5. Curriculum vitae (2 pages) of Principal Investigator and co-investigators.

6. Previous review by other ethical or scientific board or committee.

7. Informed consent documentation

Only complete submissions will be reviewed. PAHOERC Secretariat will inform the responsible PAHO Staff Member if the documentation is incomplete.


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