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Guiding question: What research do you support, promote, and need to accomplish your goals?

20 people attended our first meeting. A variety of PAHO units were represented, including Gender, Ethnicity and Health; Sustainable Development and Environmental Health; Health Surveillance and Disease Prevention and Control; PAHEF... 

Points of discussion:

  • How do you get evidence to the public? (a three-step approach); EVIPNet as an effective tool to accomplish this objective
  • How effectively can you integrate research components into your projects/ work of your unit?
  • What role do financial and time constraints play here? What kind of research do we need to promote our programs?
  • New communication methods for research for health/ new technologies; how to engage the media; success stories within PAHO; source for better credibility
  • Publication mapping to identify the gaps, create a network/ common strategy within PAHO to better coordinate/ synergize use and analyze data/ health indicators and, successively, work with political stakeholders
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