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Persistently high systemic arterial BLOOD PRESSURE. Based on multiple readings (BLOOD PRESSURE DETERMINATION), hypertension is currently defined as when SYSTOLIC PRESSURE is consistently greater than 140 mm Hg or when DIASTOLIC PRESSURE is consistently 90 mm Hg or more. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 17 September 2008 12:16

Press Releases: Hypertension

Eat Less Salt, Live Longer

Salt ShakerThe World Hypertension League is highlighting salt and high blood pressure as the two silent killers for this year’s observance of World Hypertension Day, Sunday, May 17. This is an international event with public activities taking place worldwide to raise awareness about high blood pressure.


FGuatemalan health promotersirst Round of Community Cardiovascular Health Promoters Receives Diplomas (INCAP, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 26 June 2008) With their graduation on 26 June 2008 at the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP) in Guatemala City, the country now has 29 new certified cardiovascular health promoters. (26/Jun/2008)

4th Pan American Congress to Promote Vegetable and Fruit Consumption (Santiago, Chile, 28-30 August 2008) The objectives of this event are to: (1) Promote vegetable and fruit (V&F) consumption; (2) Allow for exchange of experiences and lessons learned; (3) Disseminate the latest research findings; (4) Discuss new marketing strategies. (30/May/2008)

CARMEN School International Course: Social Marketing and Preventing Child Obesity (Santiago, Chile, 26–27 August 2008) The objectives of this course are to Identify the principles that characterize social marketing and planning programs using the marketing mix (the "4 Ps": Product, Price, Place/ distribution, and Promotion). (30/May/2008)

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