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Health of the Indigenous People of the Americas Program

Programa Salud de los Pueblos IndígenasGoal: To improve the health of the indigenous peoples.

Purpose: In collaboration with the indigenous peoples themselves, to find realistic and sustainable solutions to the serious problems of poor health and substandard living conditions that are the reality of many of the indigenous peoples throughout the Region



 Comprises assistance aspects such as basic sanitation, nutrition, housing, environment, demarcation of land, sanitary education and institutional integration. This type of assistance uses a differentiated and global approach. 




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Press Releases: Health of Indigenous Peoples

PAHO: We can avoid the extinction of another endangered heritage. The commemoration of International Day of Indigenous Peoples 2008 on August 9, which PAHO joins in full support, always serves as a reminder of all historical vicissitudes that those groups have undergone throughout centuries.(7/Aug/2008)


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