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the family dogThis comprehensive multimedia and multilingual listing provides an updated overview of the most important PAHO and WHO materials on rabies: videos, educational materials (some especially for children, others for classrooms), country activities, reports, publications, journal articles, epidemiological and bibliographical information systems, treatment guidelines, etc.

For the General Public | For Health Professionals

PAHO Press Release on Rabies Prevention: English | español

PAHO Director Mirta RosesRabies Elimination Speech by PAHO Director: English |  español

World Rabies Day

Advocacy: Training materials from World Rabies Day
(PowerPoint, 2 Mb, 8-17 slides with notes)
General: English | español | français | português
Classroom learning: English | español | français | português

Video: Elimination of Dog-Transmitted Human Rabies:
   English | Spanish

Materials for children from PAHO's Monica's Gang Series

Monica and her puppy

comic book for children

Caring for Your Pet:
Set of 4 videos
1. Prevent Dog Attacks
2. A Happy Puppy
3. I Want a Puppy
4. Vaccinate Your Pets

Down with Rabies!
Comic book on rabies prevention
   English |  español | 
   français |  português

Videos in Spanish and Portuguese available here.


For Health Professionals

 PAHO/WHO Regional Pan American Center for Zoonoses

Description of Rabies | español

WHO Rabies Treatment GuideWHO Treatment Guide 
  English |  español |  français |  português

vampire batrabies surveillance guidelinesSurveillance Guidelines | español | português

Expert Meeting on Rabies in Vampire Bats in the Amazon Region | español | português

 rabies vaccination campaign in HaitiRabies Activities in Haiti

SIRVERACountry Data: Consult data in SIRVERA, Epidemiological Surveillance System for Rabies & SIVCONT, Epidemiological Continental Information System.

Rabies Elimination Project CDRabies Elimination StudyEvaluation Methodology: Elimination of Human & Dog Rabies in Latin America | español

Results of the Study: Elimination of Dog-Transmitted Human Rabies in Latin America: Situation Analysis | español

Regional Plan against RabiesPlan of Action for Rabies Prevention & Control in the Americas, 2005–2009 | español

Epidemiological Situation of Rabies in Latin America in 2004, PAHO Epidemiological Bulletin, Vol. 26, No. 1, March 2005 | español

REDIPRARIMSAREDIPRA: Meetings of Directors of National Programs for Rabies Control in Latin America | español

RIMSA: Inter-American Meeting, at Ministerial Level, on Health and Agriculture | español | português | français

Trust Fund Project on Neglected Diseases

Epidemiological Profiles, NDs in Latin America and the CaribbeanEpidemiological Profiles of Neglected Diseases and Other Infections Related to Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean (rabies one of seven diseases covered in the study) | español 

Trust Fund: Prevention, Control & Elimination of Neglected and Other Infectious Diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean (rabies one of the seven diseases covered) | español 

NTDs bibliographyBibliography: Resolutions, Technical Guides, and Plans Related to the Elimination of Neglected Diseases and Other Infections Related to Poverty | español | português | français

Press Release on Trust Fund Project: PAHO Joins IDB, Sabin Institute to Fight Neglected Diseases | español

Virtual Technical Meeting | español

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