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Events and activities

- Recording of the session: results of the Conceptual (Legal and Institutional) Map on Public Health. June 2011

 -Virtual training Patents and access to information tools. July 2011

-International Scientific Congress (ISC) from the 28th of June to July 1st, 2010 in the international conference center of Havana Cuba. For more information, please click here

-Global Forum for Health Research: Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property: Perspective for the Americas. La Habana Cuba. November 19th, 2009

-Sub-Regional Dialogue on “Impact assessment of new intellectual property standards on prices for medicines in the Dominican Republic” August 20-21st of 2009. Dominican Republic.

-Sub-Regional Dialogue: Impact evaluation of intellectual property rights and access to medicines, San Jose, Costa Rica and CAFTA-DR agreement. June 17-18th of 2009.

-Pan-American seminar on economic regulation of medicines and pharmaceutical products. Brasilia, Brazil. March 2009.

-Report of the Working Group on TRIPS and access to essential medicines.
Focusing the Analysis in the Americas. Managua, Nicaragua, 14-16 April 2004 



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