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One of the missions of the Health Technologies for Quality of Care team of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is to cooperate technically with national blood programs in the Region of the Americas to ensure that they have sufficient quantities of safe blood to provide timely transfusions to all patients who need them, thus contributing to lower mortality and optimal patient care in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

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Technical Documents and Publications: Blood Services

Technical documents and publications: The technical documents and reports of PAHO are designed to provide professionals in the member countries with a situation analysis, helping them to identify pertinent strategies and design and implement interventions, including staff training. In order to maximize the impact of its resources, PAHO also identifies materials produced by other institutions that can assist with local decision-making.

Eligibility for Blood Donation: Recommendations for Education and Selection of Prospective Blood Donors

World Blood Donor Day 2011

¡Presente! Donante Voluntario de Sangre

Press Releases and Messages: Blood Services

Message from Dr. Socorro Gross-Galiano on World Health Day 2011


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