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As a service to policymakers, EVIPNet teams, health professionals and to community workers in the health system, we continuously evaluate the available information on Evidence and select and present the ones we consider more relevant. Resources will also be useful also for those professionals that belong to the health system with an interest in evidence informed policies and knowledge translation.

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Other Resources


Consumer Led Knowledge Translation

CCN Navigating the information jungle - 2014 series

CCC Introduction to Rapid Reviews, the Different evidence, different synthesis series

CCC Introduction to Network Metanalysis

CCC Overviews of reviews

CCC School-based physical activity: What's the evidence?

BP 6 CASO Multimicronutrientes Peru

CCC 2013 Health Systems Evidence, des dialogues avec les parties prenantes et autres initiatives

CCC Evidence and public media with Julia Belluz

2013 Webinar Series on Using Evidence for Policies for Health: evidence informed policymaking

CCI - OPS: 5 Webinario Investigación: Introducción a la metodología GRADE

Interview with Dr. Oscar Ugarte Ubilluz, Former Minister Health Peru

CCI-OPS 6. Sesgos en los estudios de intervención, con María José Martínez

CCI-OPS 1 Búsquedas de la literatura científica, presenta Ivan Solà


BP5 CASO Policybrief.mp4

BP5 SUREProgram A.OXMAN.mp4


U de A - Expouniversidad: Evelina Chapman

CCNC 20111207 Mariska Leeflang on Diagnostic Test Accuracy

CCNC HSE supports policymaking and management Oct 2010

Cochrane Canada Live: Charlie Goldsmith on Graphs

Session two: Learn about The Cochrane Library and its resources

Entrevista con el Dr. Oscar Ugarte Ubilluz, Ministro de Salud, Perú

EVIPNet 0 Transferencia de conocimiento

EVIPNet 1 Priorización de problema para la política/programa

EVIPNet 2 Búsqueda de evidencia para opciones de abordaje

EVIPNet 3 Resumen de evidencia/Policy Brief

EVIPNet 4 Diálogo Deliberativo

EVIPNet 5 Ejecución

EVIPNet 6 Monitoreo y Evaluación

Cochrane Canada Live: A Primer to Cochrane Overviews of Reviews. 6 June 2011

EVIPNET AMERICAS_ How to identify a probem (taking a systems approach)

Entrevista de Ulysses Panisset con Evelina Chapman

Systems thinking for Health Systems Strengthening

Session one: Who and what is The Cochrane Collaboration? What are systematic reviews?

Session three: A 'snapshot' of the steps of conducting a Cochrane Review (Part 1)

Session four: A 'snapshot' of the steps of conducting a Cochrane Review (Part 2)

Conceptos Básicos Boletin PIE

Bienvenida Boletin PIE.mp4

Evidências na Gestão Municipal - Parte 1

Evidências na Gestão Municipal - Parte 2

Evidências na Gestão Municipal - Parte 3

Introduction: Engaging civil society in supporting research use in health systems

Dr.Norka Ruiz on strengthening National Health Research Systems and EVIPNet

Boletin PIE 2 Entrevista Silvina Ramos.mp4

Policymaker - Luis Gabriel Cuervo

Aplicabilidad Boletin PIE.mp4

Researcher - Tomas Pantoja

Stakeholder - Donald Simeon

PAHO and Health Diplomacy in the 2009 Global Forum on Health Research

Jorge Otavio Maia Barreto

Stakeholder - Ray Copes

Researcher - Fadi El-Jardali

Stakeholder - Diane Gagnon

Stakeholder - Nasreen Jessani

Stakeholder - Suzanne Lawson

Stakeholder - Thelma Narayan

Policymaker - Don McDermott

Stakeholder - Ron Rosenes

Stakeholder - Elisabeth Ross

Researcher - Mike Wilson

Entrevista de Ulysses Panisset con Evelina Chapman

Introducción a EVIPnet, Evelina Chapman [Marzo, 2011]

RCCI Tamaño de la Muestra, por Marta Roque, 2010 Oct 15

Entrevista con el Dr. Oscar Ugarte Ubilluz, Ministro de Salud, Perú

Interview with Andy Oxman

SURE Overview

Zambia - Using Evidence to Improve Mental Health

Series Trailer

Session three: A 'snapshot' of the steps of conducting a Cochrane Review (Part 1)

Session four: A 'snapshot' of the steps of conducting a Cochrane Review (Part 2)

Session three: A 'snapshot' of the steps of conducting a Cochrane Review (Part 1)

BP5 SUREProgram A.OXMAN.mp4

Art for Research slideshow May 2012

OTCA Presentación de Luis Gabriel Cuervo (OPS/OMS) 2012

Luis Gabriel Cuervo speaks about PAHO's work and its collaborations with COHRED, FORUM 2012...

CCC Cochrane 101 - An Introduction to The Cochrane Collaboration

Using Cochrane Reviews in Real Life

Navigating the healthcare information jungle

Cochrane 101: an Introduction to The Cochrane Collaboration

Let's Start at the Very Beginning: Getting the Question Right for your Cochrane Review

The Steps of a Cochrane Review: an Overview

CCC Les méthodes mixtes

CCC Introduction aux méta analyses

CCC Les étapes d une revue Cochrane Un survol

CCC Cochrane 101 (en français)

CCC Rapid Response Program webinar with Mike Wilson

CCC Selective Outcome reporting bias webinar with Alain Mayhew and Aaron Tejani

CCC The Health Systems Evidence repository with Kaelan Moat

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