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Seminarios en Brasil presentan oportunidades para el fortalecimiento de los lazos entre las Américas y África

The II Seminar on Tecnhology, Knowledge and Information Management in Public Health: Sharing Experiences, and the II Workshop on the Consolidation of PAHO's Web 2.0 as a Tool for Technical Cooperation bring together in Brasilia, Brazil, professionals from that country and other PAHO member countries around the Region to discuss advances and challenges in the area.

New this year is the participation of representatives from all the Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa, as well as two representatives from Portugal. PAHO cooperates is one of the main supporters of the ePORTUGUÊSe network, which aims to strenghten the cooperation among Portuguese-speaking countries in Health Information and Training.

The representatives from the Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa at the PAHO/WHO office in Brasilia, along with PAHO's Marcelo D'Agostino (on the left) and Dr. Regina Ungere, from WHO, who coordinates the ePORTUGUÊSe network (8th from the left). Photo PAHO/WHO Larissa Bastos.


The seminars end on Thursday, 10 June.

More information can be found on PAHO's Knowledge Management Portal in Brazil (in Portuguese).


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