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(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 23–25 April 2008)

icon Summary Report

PAHO wishes to thank Simon Fraser University for its sponsorship of and participation in this activity.


  • Proceed in the development of a subregional-level proposal to strengthen CNCD surveillance, in time for the MERCOSUR Health Ministers Meeting this coming November.

  • Discuss utilizing different methodologies to monitor risk factors, recognizing the need to harmonize data at the subregional level.


  • From the countries: Representatives of Argentina, Brazil (online), Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

  • From PAHO/WHO: Advisors from PAHO/WHO Headquarters in Washington, DC, and from the PAHO/WHO Country Offices in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

  • From Vancouver: Representatives from Simon Fraser University (SFU)—with special thanks to Dr. Stephen Corber, Associate Professor and Head of Public Health Practice at SFU and former PAHO Area Manager of Disease Prevention and Control—and health authorities from the city of Vancouver.

Conclusions, Tasks, and Next Steps

  • Obtain more information on the rules to follow when submitting the proposal for MERCOSUR Ministers of Health Meeting in Brazil.

  • A core group was formed (Chile, Paraguay) that is responsible for developing the next version of the proposal by the end of June and for disseminating it to the other participants by e-mail, not including an on-site meeting to take place just before the MERCOSUR Ministers of Health Meeting.

  • Dr. Branka Legetic will take action so that the PAHO office in Brazil will provide support, through the national authorities (pro tempore MERCOSUR Secretariat), for including the proposal on the agenda of the MERCOSUR Ministers of Health Meeting in Brazil this coming November.

  • Each participant in the group should lobby with the Minister of Health of his/her country on the benefits of this initiative and the proposal that is being put together.

  • Dr. Branka Legetic and Micheline Meiners, by conferring with the Brazilian authorities, have explored the possibility of holding a technical meeting prior to the MERCOSUR Ministers of Health Meeting, in order to confirm the proposal and advance the discussion on data mapping and harmonization.

  • Regarding data harmonization, an agreement was made to correct the list of core indicators to reflect the observations made by the group, to review the technical files, and to send all this to the countries so that they can test it when collecting data.

  • The group agreed to distribute Fernando de Maio's table (on an inventory of risk-factor surveys, other country-level social surveys, methodology used, programs used for data processing) so that each country can complete it, in order to obtain a mapping on the availability of data in the subregion.

  • The countries, SFU, and PAHO will continue to collaborate, to provide support in reviewing the proposal and in the harmonization process, and to seek opportunities for funding the harmonization studies.

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