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Workshop in Nicaragua Aims to Improve Access to Essential Medicines

Implementation of a National Strategic Plan for the Rational Use of Drugs: Pilot in Nicaragua

"Joining efforts to improve public access to quality health services"

Hotel Camino Real
23 al June 25, 2010
Managua, Nicaragua.

General Objective 

To consolidate the adaptation to the context of the country and to initiate the pilot in Nicaragua of the Regional strategy for the Implementation of a National Strategic Plan of Promotion of the Rational Use of Drugs, (PRUM) consonant with the guidelines of the proposal of PAHO/WHO of 2010, in order to improve the access to essential medicines and strengthen the quality of care to the population. 

Specific Objectives 

Share the guidelines of the strategy of PAHO/WHO for the implementation of a National Strategic Plan of PRUM and the proposal of developed and discussed adaptation in Nicaragua. 

Confirm the priority axis and activities.   

Promote the commitment and coordination of the different stakeholders in the implementation of the pilot of the National Strategic Plan of PRUM. 

Strengthening technical and financial cooperation among the multinational agencies with the countries of the Region for the adaptation and implementation of the strategy of proposed PRUM by PAHO/WHO. 

Expected results 

Countries recognize the benefits of the consolidation of networks for the implementation of national strategic Plans of PRUM. 

Confirmation of a prioritization of actions for developing the pilot of the national strategy of PRUM in Nicaragua. 

Confirmation of commitments and agreements of the different national actors for the implementation of the Plan. 

Agreements in regard with the international collaboration for the work in Nicaragua. 


Representatives of the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua and of others countries of Latin America.  

Representatives of social security Institutes, health and academic Institutions, professional associations, union and NGOs of Nicaragua, Latin America and the Caribbean.  

Representatives of PAHO and WHO. 

Members of the promotion of the rational use of medicines in the Sub regional Technical Drug Commission.


Conferences, panels, working group sessions and synthesis in plenary, posters. 


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