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Equitable Access and Innovation: support the strengthening of integrated supply systems and using of intellectual property flexibilities


  • To continue supporting OECS/PPS in the areas of prequalification, selection and rational use of medicines;
  • To continue supporting the CARIPROSUM Network of National Public Procurement Agencies:

– Harmonization of procedures
– Sub-regional mechanisms of pool negotiation mechanisms

  • To support the strengthening of comprehensive pharmaceutical supply systems and cost-containment mechanisms;
  • To facilitate the participation of Caribbean Countries in the PAHO/WHO Strategic Fund mechanism to enhance access to medicines for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and availability of other strategic commodities;
  • To support the development of a sub-regional strategy for Intellectual Property Rights and Public Health and a work plan with Caricom based on the results of the Survey and WHO Global Strategy aspects advocacy and training

Selected outcomes of technical cooperation:

  • CARIPROSUM: Caribbean Network of Pharmaceutical Procurement and Supply Management Authorities
  • Regional Network for Pharmaceutical Procurement and Supply Management “CARIPROSUM” 2008 Annual Meeting, Belize City, February 27 and 28th, 2008
  • Intellectual Property Rights Intellectual – Technical Cooperation Exercise in the Caribbean, Barbados, 15-17 October 2008
  • CARICOM/HERA. Assessment of Patent and Related Issues and Access to Medicines in CARICOM and Dominican Republic. Final Report. Georgetown: CARICOM, 2009 

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