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Regional Consultations on National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans and The Future Financing for WHO

During the 127th meeting of the Executive Board in January of 2011, the World Health Organization will be presenting reports on a Framework for National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans and The Future Financing for WHO. Since 2009, WHO's Global Policy Group is placing heightened attention to strengthening the Organization's policy dialogue around National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans. WHO has also engaged the Member States in 2010, in a debate on the future financing of the WHO, covering critical issues such as the role of WHO and the nature of its core business in a changing environment of global health, approaches to technical cooperation, mechanisms and/or criteria for defining priorities, greater predictability and flexibility of funding, as well as greater alignment of donor funding with agreed priorities.

The report on the financing of the WHO underlines the development and articulation of policies, strategies and plans as a national responsibility and the bedrock around which harmonization and alignment can take place, in line with the Paris Declaration and Accra Action Agenda. A critical stated role for the WHO is that of improving the quality of national strategies and assisting national authorities in the coordination of development partners around national priorities.

Both topics have been placed for regional consultations, in preparation of their presentation at the 127th EB. Given the close link between the discussions on the role and financing of the WHO and the Organization's renewed emphasis on national health policies, strategies and plans, the Pan American Health Organization is holding a joint consultation on both themes with key stakeholders.

Document coverDocument coverWe have enclosed the questions guiding the consultation on The Future Financing for WHO. We encourage you to read these questions and those provided for the consultation of the Framework for National Health Policies, Strategies and Plans before drafting a response that addresses them jointly.

Please read the documents by clicking on their respective links or on the illustrations. When you are ready to provide comments, register your personal information below. You will then be taken to a series of open-ended questions and a section for open comments.

Your comments will go to a database where all inputs are being collected. The deadline to providing comments is 24 September 2010.

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