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The information presented in this update is based on data provided by Ministries of Health and National Influenza Centers of Member States to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) or from updates on the Member States’ Ministry of Health web pages.

Regional Update EW 41, 2014
    • North America:  Influenza activity has remained low in North America. In Canada, ILI activity has been above expected level for the last seven weeks but with low influenza detections and high detections of rhinovirus. In the United States, ILI activity has been below the national baseline and influenza A(not subtyped) and influenza B have predominated among the circulating influenza viruses. From mid-August to October 20, 2014, CDC or state public health laboratories have confirmed a total of 922 cases of Enterovirus D68 in 46 states and the District of Columbia. In Mexico, ARI activity is within the endemic channel and the proportions of SARI/ILI consultations among all consultations has been increasing throughout the country but remaining below 2%. There have been very few influenza detections in the last three weeks.
    • Caribbean: Respiratory virus activity remained low in the Caribbean, with exception of Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, ILI activity (as reported to CDC) was reported as moderate after being high last week, but influenza detections were low and decreasing and in Cuba SARI activity decreased after increasing for several weeks, with a predominance of RSV. Among respiratory viruses, circulation of influenza A(H3) (Puerto Rico) and RSV (Dominican Republic) were observed.
    • Central America: In Central America, respiratory virus activity was low and RSV predominated among circulating viruses (Guatemala, Honduras, Panama).
    • Andean Region: In the Andean sub-region, respiratory virus and SARI/ARI activity were low and within expected levels (Colombia) and RSV predominated (Colombia).
    • Southern Cone: In the Southern Cone, respiratory virus and SARI/ARI activity have been low and within expected levels (Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay). Among respiratory viruses circulating, RSV has predominated (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay).


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