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Based on the regional strategic lines of resolution CSP27.R10 , the following lines of action are proposed:

1. Position QCPS as sectoral priority: Work will be conducted with the governments, presenting the health benefits of implementation of quality of care and patient safety supported by evidence-based scientific studies and economic analyses.

2. Promote community participation: Information and knowledge will be provided to patients and the family in order to produce active participation in decision-making and empowerment to achieve the expected results.

3. Generate information and evidence with regard to quality: Evaluation and research studies to seek evidence will be promoted and supported. Work will be conducted on preparation of training programs, providing health professionals with knowledge in order to orient the health services towards QCPS.

4. Develop, adapt, and support quality solutions: Collaborate in compilation, circulation, solution-finding, quality tools and models in order to improve and implement the national programs. Promote the sharing of experiences among the countries of the Region. Implementation of good practices and continuous improvement will be favored by monitoring care-related patient events (e.g., nosocomial infections, medication errors, diagnostic errors).

5. Develop a regional strategy to strengthen the quality of health care and patient safety with a 10 year horizon. The program will work through operational plans in countries and groups of countries in collaboration with agencies and organizations, according to the strategic proposals described above.

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