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This Council is made up of representatives of all the Member States and meets once a year to analyze and determine the general policies of PAHO, acting on behalf of the Pan American Sanitary Conference, that is our supreme authority and meets every five years.

During this week the Directing Council will address during issues of great importance for public health in the continent. Subjects as the plan of action of safe hospitals, the strategy and action plan for the reduction of chronic malnutrition, the strengthening of immunization programs, the strategy, and action plan for the elimination of the mother-to-child transmission of HIV and of the congenital syphilis, the strategy, and action plan for the prevention, the control, and the management of the Chagas disease. These are only some of the items of importance that are found in the agenda.

On the other hand, it has been a priority of our management to incorporate the information and communication technologies in order to facilitate the feedback on actions that we carry out in the entire hemisphere. We do it with the conviction that public health is, above all, an immense social network that articulates the efforts, concentrates the interest, and represents the longings of millions of people to achieve health for all. Hence, in order to highlight the importance of this 50th Directing Council of PAHO, we have created a Blog in which you can consult all the postings and multimedia highlights on the event, which will be updated multiple times during the day and on the various addressed subjects. Furthermore, if you wish to, you can receive all the updates of this event via E-mail or through its RSS feeds. We are taking advantage of the information and communication technologies available in order to multiply the possibilities of connection and cooperation among people and institutions that are part of the great Health in the Americas network.

Don't forget to visit the 50th Directing Council blog often!



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