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Once the event has taken place on October 14, each participating school should present some documents to demonstrate that the handwashing event was carried out correctly.

In order for the event to qualify for the Guinness Record, all the participating school from every country should begin the event at the same time, noon. Given that the time changes from country to county, please verify the time that at which you should begin the event under What time to start the event?

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) will give a accreditation diploma to the schools that send the following documentation:

1. Witness Statement

The school should select one person who acts as witness.   The role of the witness is to complete the "witness statement" verifying the total number of participants that washed their hands correctly, using soap and water, rubbed hands for at least 20 seconds, and dried them up with a disposable towel.

This person must have standing in the community (public notary, police officer, judge, mayor, editor of a newspaper, etc.) that acts with objectivity and has no personal interest in the event.

The “witness statement” has to be written by the witness after the event, pre-pared statements will be rejected by the Guinness World Records. The statement must include: signature, name, address, telephone number and/or e-mail

Please, be aware that the school will only count toward the Record Guinness if the witness certifies that the event took place on October 14 at the time indicated for your country.

2. Supervisor Statement

Every school should designate a volunteer supervisor per every 50 participants.   The person who acts as supervisor has to be different from the witness.  The purpose of the supervisor is to help in the organization of event: collecting the ticket with the name of each participating student, and to make sure that all the participants under their supervision washed the hands correctly.

Each supervisor needs to send a "supervisor statement” indicating that they supervised a group of no more than 50 students, and whom they observed and washed their hands correctly. Pre-pared statements will be rejected by the Guinness World Records.

3. Tickets

To make sure that each participating school is registered officially as part of the Guinness Record, it is necessary to confirm the number of participants. In order to maintain a precise and verifiable method, it is recommended to use tickets.  

After each participating student has put their name in the ticket, the supervisors will be in charge of collecting the tickets just before initiating the hand washing event. These tickets should be kept so that the witness can certify the number of participating students. Please, remember to include the tickets in the envelope.

4. Other Materials

Please, send a copy of photographs, recordings, newspaper articles, etc. that may be available. This type of documentation is not necessary, but without a doubt serves as additional evidence of the validity of the event

Please send all the documentation to your local office by October 31, 2011


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