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Health Situation in The Americas: Basic Indicators 2010

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The Basic Indicators 2010 brochure has been published by Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) as a useful tool for health professionals, health managers and health policy-makers. This edition 2010 includes a set of 57 basic indicators organized by demographic, socioeconomic, mortality, morbidity, and resources, access & coverage domains. The analytical theme in this issue is regarding Infant Mortality: an analysis on progress to reach the target of MDG 4.  PAHO has give open access to the Basic Indicator database and many others information products and basic health indicator-based health analyses through the Regional Health Observatory (RHO), which was also launched on September 27, 2010 during the first day of the 50 Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization.


:: Brochure 2010 (pdf format, 1MB)
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:: Data (interactive time serie table)
:: Infant Mortality: an analysis of progress to reach target of MDG 4

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