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 A PAHO report issued in 2003 revealed that HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination persists among health workers of many countries, including the Americas. According to the report, those who are discriminated against may suffer physically and psychologically, while those who fear discrimination may be reluctant to seek testing or treatment. When this happens, people living with HIV and those at risk of infection are less able to protect themselves and their partners from infections.

In addition to the report, PAHO produced a series of materials (posters, public service announcements, press releases, power point presentations), which can be found in this page. They aim at helping the health sector discuss the issue and are being used, together with the report, in several forums such as meetings with health sector personal, NGOs, professional associations, and ethics committees. 


Understanding and responding to HIV/AIDS-related stigma and discrimination in the health sector

Public Service Announcements (TV "commercials")

AIDS Doesn't Discriminate. Do You?

Press Releases

World AIDS Day Seeks to Get Rid of Stigma and Discrimination

HIV/AIDS-linked Discrimination Continues Among Health Workers

PAHO Committed to Doubling Number of Persons Treated For HIV/AIDS

Homophobia Shapes Treatment of HIV/AIDS Patients in Latin America and The Caribbean

HIV/AIDS Discrimination in Health Services is Human Rights Violation, new PAHO Report says 


Discrimination Posters

Fact Sheet        

World AIDS Day: Fighting HIV Discrimination in the Health Sector

    PowerPoint Presentations        

    Understanding and responding to HIV/AIDS-related stigma in the health sector (PPT)


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