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PAHO's main objective in the area of information systems is to improve health information for decision-making and program planning.  In recent years, the organization has led an initiative to develop and maintain a regional plan for strengthening health information systems and has joined other initiatives in assisting countries in the production of improved health statistics.

The Regional Plan for the Strengthening Vital and Health Statistics in the countries of the Americas (PEVS for its acronyms in Spanish) draws on the experience of the United Nations Statistics Division; incorporates the conceptual framework of the Health Metrics Network and the dynamics of the relationships between determining factors and their impact as outlined in the Performance of Routine Information System Management (PRISM) Framework; and adopts its own vision regarding information production processes.

Since 2004, PAHO and MEASURE Evaluation have executed a joint technical cooperation project, under the framework of the PAHO/USAID-LAC Bureau umbrella project, oriented toward strengthening HIS in selected countries in the Americas Region using the HMN and PRISM models.

The primary objectives of this joint effort have been to use and promote standardized frameworks, methodologies, and instruments to monitor HIS operations; to identify, document, and disseminate successful experiences, key processes, and lessons learned relating to assessment processes; and to design strategic plans to strengthen HIS in selected countries.


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