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Health Information and Analysis

From the production of primary data to the elaboration of complete health situation analysis, the generation of strategic health information is a basic principle of public health, on which to base the identification of needs, inequalities and priorities in health, and the monitoring of actions and policies to address them.

The Health Information and Analysis Unit (HA) coordinates PAHO’s efforts to collect, process, manage, analyze, and disseminate health data and statistics from PAHO’s Member States and technical areas. It contributes to the strengthening of health information in the Region through technical cooperation in the following areas:


:: Scientific and technical material material

Technical and scientific publications

Statistic Data

Manuals and learning materials

    The Challenge of Epidemiology. Issues and Selected Readings (1989) [pdf]

    PAHO's Epidemiological Bulletin Health in the Americas 2012

    Health situation in the Americas. Basic Indicators

    Health Statistics from the Americas

    Methods, guidelines, tools in epidemiology and health situation analysis


    :: Projects

    HA is involved in projects with the following institutions and countries:

    • CIDA-Canada (RELACSIS)
    • The World Bank
    • Brazil

    :: Contact

    Please contact us with any question:

    • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in Washington, DC



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