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This function includes:

• Evaluating the country’s current health status, trends, and determinants, with a focus on identifying inequalities in risks, threats, and access to health services.
• Identifying the population’s health needs, which includes evaluating the health risks and assessing demand for services.
• Managing important statistics and the situation of high-risk and/or specific groups.
• Producing information pertinent to the evaluation of health services performance.
• Identifying resources from outside the sector that can improve health promotion and the quality of life.
• Developing technology and methods to manage, interpret, and communicate information to public health’s decision makers, external actors, suppliers, and citizens.
• Defining and developing agencies to evaluate the quality of the collected data.


1. Guidelines to monitor and evaluate health status.
2. Evaluation of the quality of information.
3. Expert support and resources for the monitoring and evaluation of health status.
4. Technological support for the monitoring and evaluation of health status.
5. Advisory services and technical support for sub-national public health entities.

EPHF 1: Regional Measurement Results

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