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This function includes:

• The definition of public health objectives at all levels, measurable and consistent with a framework of values that promote equality.
• The development, monitoring, and evaluation of political decisions concerning public health, through a participatory process that is consistent with the political and economic context of the decisions.
• The institutional capacity for managing public health systems, including strategic planning, with a special interest in the processes of construction, execution, and evaluation of initiatives directed to solve the population’s health problems.
• Development of decision-making capacity based on evidence that incorporates planning, evaluation, leadership, effective communication, organizational development, and the management of resources.
• Development of public health management capacity for international cooperation.


1. Definition of national and sub-national public health objectives.

2. Development, monitoring, and evaluation of public health policies.

3. Development of institutional capacity for public health systems management.

4. Management of international cooperation in public health.

5. Technical support to sub-national instances for policy development, planning, and management in public health.

EPHF 5: Regional Measurement Results 

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